New Pyke VGU

2022.01.28 21:53 Atakus New Pyke VGU

New Pyke VGU
god forgive me
A renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks of Bilgewater, Pyckle Ryck should have met his death in the belly of a gigantic jaull-fish; and yet, he returned. Now, stalking the dank alleys and backways of his former hometown, he uses his new supernatural gifts to bring a swift and gruesome end to those who make their fortune by exploiting others—and a city that prides itself on hunting monsters now finds a monster hunting them.
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2022.01.28 21:53 whyblate What does it all means

Earlier today ,I was strolling thru the discord when someone asked, " What determines the sync ? " The answer was, it's the resistance of the heat plate, it's an ohm reading. dfreeds added "you will use it as a guide to set the temp - what is your sync ? " I've always wondered about this . So can someone explain to me how the sync correlates to a specific temp. Let's use a sync of 550. How do I go about figuring out what temp to use or where to start ?
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2022.01.28 21:53 Accomplished-Disk-68 What’s one bad habit that is the hardest to break?

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2022.01.28 21:53 Jealous-Rush-4472 $500 Gasoline Gift Card 2022 Sweepstakes

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2022.01.28 21:53 lauti2223q Alguna vez hicieron un viaje que no salió como lo esperaban? los leo

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2022.01.28 21:53 willlombardi Admissions Decisions

I still haven't received my decision yet - I keep refreshing the portal but still nothing. Does anyone else have this problem?
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2022.01.28 21:53 csvwart Purple, Me, Mixed Media, 2022

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2022.01.28 21:53 amnesiac7 Trump Nod Triggers Tennessee MAGA Carpetbagger Fight

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2022.01.28 21:53 garbageaccount239 Its been so many years and I still dont know if this counts as rape

I was only 15 or 16. I had never had sex before and my boyfriend at the time was really pushing for it, but I barely knew him and didn’t really have the desire to. I was honestly terrified to have sex.
As we would continue to hangout he kept asking and i gave in, when we started taking off our clothes I changed my mind and said maybe some other time. one time we started and i also changed my mind and said no and he kept begging me to try because we already started so we kept going but i kept saying how i was uncomfortable and didnt really want to. He said if we didnt have sex soon he would break up with me, so being the dumb girl who thought being broken up with was the worst thing in the world, i gave in. We had sex multiple times following then and every time i would say i didnt really want to but would give in, i would try to stop halfway through but he would just tell me its almost over. I grew desensitized to it. when we’d have sex i would just stare off into space and wait for it to be over.
I tried to break up with him and he threatened to kill himself. Eventually I realized he was just manipulating me the whole relationship and actually broke up with him.
I think abt my first relationship and wanna scream that i let someone manipulate me into having sex. It took me a long time to learn how sex should feel. I just dont know if this counts as rape though because idk it wasnt ever aggressive, but i did feel trapped idk. I hate thinking about it
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2022.01.28 21:53 gneissgirlnextdoor Which boots are better with this outfit?

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2022.01.28 21:53 Blackout-Eagle274 Meirl

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2022.01.28 21:53 vexle3 fifa toty pulled

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2022.01.28 21:53 baditup Feature-length movie being filmed in downtown Redding

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2022.01.28 21:53 AnxiousIndicator Bentley Mulsanne & Bentley 8 Litre

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2022.01.28 21:53 Mecha_Bagel Valentines Day advice

I want to ask this really cute girl to be my valentines.Probkem is that we’ve never talked and she definitely doesent know my name.Would it be creepy of me to ask her to be my valentines?What should I say?
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2022.01.28 21:53 bogmonster420 Flail users on their way to kill me for the 15th time today

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2022.01.28 21:53 andscene0909 What is an event or situation in Grey's that you interpret differently than the VAST majority of the fanbase?

(I don't mean controversial ones, like Mer and Amelia were awful to Penny or Penny was awful to them, if there is a lot of argument about it, you probably share that thought with some of the fanbase!)
Mine are:
1) I don't think Mark and Lexie's goodbye was romantic, the way Mark spoke to Lexie as she died made me uncomfortable. She is dying and Mark tells her they're going to have this life with a house and kids when literally she always broke up with him because he'd say that shit and she wasn't ready. I know people say Lexie wanted those things with mark eventually and maybe she did but they never had that conversation. Look I'm all for them confessing their love but it honestly felt kinda wrong for their tragic end to include that. It was just like "oh yeah these things that were an issue for you I'm gonna bring up and you'll now find it romantic cause you're dying." Something like the Calzona S6 reconciliation where they both said they didn't care, they just wanted the other one, would have been WAY better.
2) (probably slightly less unpopular) Yo Derek getting Webber fired in S6 was NOT a bad thing and it was the RIGHT thing to do. There was some self-interest involved but people WAY overexaggerate it. Derek was always black-and-white, morally, and always quite involved in shit like this, and willing to step in. Even if he wasn't in a position to get the role of chief, I think he would have done something. And as long as Webber wasn't seeking treatment, it didn't matter what precautions he was taking not to hurt people, in the long run, it wouldn't have been enough. Derek did the RIGHT thing and he gets FAR too much hate for it bc he's Derek.
I love hot takes even when I disagree and I'm drunk so I'll be generous with the upvotes have at it!
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2022.01.28 21:53 TrueNat20 Beater Wardrobe Malfunctions

I have the complete set of beater gear and got it to work on oculus. There are two problems though. The first is that I have 2 identical sets of the shirt, glove, pants, and boots. They look the exact same, shouldn’t they be different? The second problem is that the helmet and the sword don’t do anything. Wearing the helmet shows nothing there and using the sword skin doesn’t change the sword. Will this bug be patched eventually, and if so, when? One last thing, am I supposed to have gotten two swords or was it right that I just have one?
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2022.01.28 21:53 dansuckzatreddit This might be a dumb question.

Do most people see your face from angled from your chin or your eyes, I’m asking because cameras can make you look a lot different or better if you are facing a specific angle especially with selfies
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2022.01.28 21:53 TackleLineker This is undeniable!

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2022.01.28 21:53 Geabpak Do you guys know some officially released songs (it can be from Juice or not) like those on the image bellow that also have a beat switch?

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2022.01.28 21:53 sugarbryat Hulkberry 5-6 weeks

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2022.01.28 21:53 donutboii BOOSTED RegICE now, lvl 48 rdy, 6302 8174 7274, first 5-10 add me

be online
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2022.01.28 21:53 Fox_Whisperer Crypto Cats Takeover!! Make way as the Crypto Cats take over the market, and soon the Crypto world!!! Check them out, theres only 200 live NOW!!!

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2022.01.28 21:53 Big-Huckleberry-8144 [Discussion] There is a jailbreak for iOS 15.2.1 to iPhone 13 pro?🙏🏽

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