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Ben annen karın ve sen deniz yolculuğundayız. Aniden tsunami oluyor ve ben annen ve karın düşüyoruz. Kimi kurtarırsın?

2021.12.05 14:43 BlisteringSkyy Ben annen karın ve sen deniz yolculuğundayız. Aniden tsunami oluyor ve ben annen ve karın düşüyoruz. Kimi kurtarırsın?

View Poll
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2021.12.05 14:43 concept8 Don't take micro-breaks.

I've been playing the rivals divisions on my brother's account to see how the levels differ in skill level since I'm on Elite myself, and one thing that nobody seems to mention but is a HUGE problem: Don't take microbreaks.
Now what do I mean with that? A microbreak is when the ball goes out of play/a foul occurs and a set kick is to come - and when it does many take a microbreak (checking phone, eating etc).
This is a terrible choice when trying to win games. During this short time you're not moving your controller, your opponent can do a lot of quick moves to set you off balance. Examples of these are:

So, save your microbreaks to halftime. Do what you need to do then, but focus fully on the game when it's going on. This is easily one of the most common easy wins when the opponent really doesn't seem focused.
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2021.12.05 14:43 LAGOJOE SHIBARMY you know what to do. Twitter and Instagram. 50k is nothing #AskTheDoctor

Ask the doctor says they'll burn 2 Billion SHIB if they get 50k followers on Twitter and Instagram. That's a fair exchange. Strength in numbers #SHIBARMY
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2021.12.05 14:43 tempecreekvineyard We own a small vineyard and winery. We did a weekly breakdown of how we spend our time to run the business.

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2021.12.05 14:43 Pirilampo556 Yes, some problems are bigger than others and I do have the right to feel pissed about it

First, I'll clarify that yes, I do recognize that everyone is different, some are more sensitive than others. However, if you think about problems themselves, they are different and in fact, some are worse than others.
Most people will say someone are tougher than other basically because those people dealing with worse problems and are surviving, and give those "sensitive people" more support saying that they need it more.
There's nothing wrong about helping someone, but using this judgement and ending up being actually neglectful when someone asks for your help is hypocritical.
(From now on, it's basically me venting about a recurring particular situation to illustrate my point)
. . . .
Then, I have a friend, and, honestly, I'm tired, mentally, emotionally and physically tired of her. She is always complaining about unbearably horrible her life is and how much she wanted to be me instead because I have much better life according to her.
So, her problems?
She wants to move out of her parents home because she hates her bedroom for being small and ugly and can't fit a wall sized mirror and a quenn size bed. You know what? They're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT for not letting her move. She is always complaining about how short her money is, and it's all her fault. She does have a job she got for being appointed by a friend who works there because she asked him (even though she is "under qualified" for that), and every single cent she spends dinning out every night, buying skins in online games, expensive cosmetics and clothes... Kinda, this whole country is going through a generalized crisis (I'm not North American) and whole families are literally dying from starvation, and she can afford a pretty comfortable and fun lifestyle, but she stills complains about not having enough money?! She can't afford the life she wants all by herself as she thinks, and she even claims that her expenses are "nothing but basic needs" and feels miserable when can't get what she wants. I don't think that a 200 bucks t-shirt is a basic need.
She cut her hair and she is complaining about it every single day, saying that she is having "panick attacks" when she thinks about it. So she bought expensive human hair wigs. Now she is complaining about her hair and about her wigs. Every single day. For literal HOURS.
She complains that she is miserable and none loves her every time she ends a relationship with a guy. Actually, she was the one who dumped him, and she was the one being the jerk. At the first week, they would pay her fancy dinners at fancy restaurants or such kinda dates, buy her flowers and gifts everyday, send her several long messages about how much they love her everyday. And as soon as they started to "slack off" she beggins to complain about how "neglectful and abusive" they are and dump them.
So, the part where my life is so much better tha hers: It absolutely pisses me off.
I don't have and I can't get a job, I sent a resumé for every single place here and I simply can't. Getting a job here nowadays is hard if you're not "appointed" like she did, because that's literally one of the first requirements, the othe is having at least a couple years of experience (I'm searching for my first job) or a couple certified PAID courses (they overlook free ones). I can't pay for a course, so I need her help appointing me, but she always forgets about it. I actually need a job to move on because I don't want to keep sharing a home with my stepfather who S3XUALLY HARASSED ME for years since I was 13 and has this disgusting Humbert Humbert complex, he is absolutely possessive, and I can't have a normal social life because he feels "jealous", my mom already knows and she actually supports him by being abusive and blaming me and "overlooking him". My friend knows about it, I told her explaining why I need a job so badly, but she apparently does not care and thinks that her problems are way worse.
She is envy about my appearance because I'm "skinny" and she says that I'm prettier than her for that and all that stuff. I'm underweight for food deprivation actually, not because I want to. Plus, she is a kpop stan, she calls every Asian "pretty" and "exotic", so it's more about her fetishization than actual judgement.
She envies my relationship with my girlfriend. Well, I we have a long story together, we met at middle school, and we developed this relationship over time. She is envy that she can't have the same long term relationship with any of those guys she met on dating apps. Besides, I don't think that a long term relationship with her is economically sustainable, just to begin with. Also, we're a l3sbian couple (gotta censor because this bot is weird as hell), I'm in a h0moph0bic (also, calling a h0moph0be h0moph0be is apparently h0moph0bic), abusive family where my stepfather just "happens to have obsession" on me. How would her romanticize it like that?!
Besides that, I absolutely hate all my friends pitiying her and giving her all support she asks asap or do everything they can to cheer her up, like chipping in to buy her expensive stuffs she wanted and couldn't pay, or organizing her surprise parties, finding time to hang out with her whenever she wants to wherever she wants, but they can't help me with nothing I ask them. And the reason is "she is more sensitive than you, you know that" or "you're pretty tough, right? I know it's not a big deal for you".
Besides, you know what? I'm absolutely sick of being considered an asshole whenever I don't "help" them. How would I spend 100 buck buying gifts for a spoiled girl (or anyone else) while I don't have money to eat properly? How would I spend 4 hours listening to them complaining about problems I wish I had instead while I don't have time or enough mental health to patiently listen and reply (unironically) "you're so brave!", "I'm so sorry for you, must be so tough..." right after (if I don't or take too long then I"don't care enough" and I'm a "selfish bitch")?!
I'm fucking SICK of this.
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2021.12.05 14:43 AggravatingNeat5211 Winston wants a Christmas cookie 🎄

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2021.12.05 14:43 D3VF92 Malicious KMSPico installers steal your cryptocurrency wallets

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2021.12.05 14:43 ninjagold007 The language of prayer

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2021.12.05 14:43 gosuninja How do I input a thermodynamic model into a database file for CALPHAD calculations?

Hi everyone,
I am trying to plot the phase diagram of the ZrO2-GdO1.5-YO1.5 system using CALPHAD. I found the thermodynamic models in the paper below but I do not know how to put them into a .TDB film for opencalphad to read.
Any help would be appreciated and I have dropped a link to the model below.
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2021.12.05 14:43 itsreybecca I'm pregnant and my parrot knows it

I recently found out I'm pregnant and through this whirlwind, we realized our yellow-naped Amazon has figured out something is up. He's always preferred my husband but lately he is OBSESSED with me. He won't leave my side, curls up against me, preens me...things he's done before, but never so consistently. I thought maybe he knew something was different but figured I was nuts...then my husband said, "I wonder if he knows, he is so into you lately."
Anyone else have this with their parrots? No complaints here! I haven't felt well at all and him coming over to sit with me, snuggle me, coo at me has made me hormone-cry a few times 😂 He's my first ever pet and I just love the snot outta him.
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2021.12.05 14:43 Chillyboivinyl Mr. Hood 30th Anniversary (Colored 2xLP)

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2021.12.05 14:43 NotRed9282 Cactus farm keeps destroying the cactus blocks that drop. Any way to fix it?

Cactus farm keeps destroying the cactus blocks that drop. Any way to fix it? I'm trying to build a cactus farm and I have the actual farm built, but the cactus blocks that drop keep getting destroyed cause they drop on top of the cactus. Any way to make sure the cactus falls into the water?
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2021.12.05 14:43 imtooyungtodie Just started like last week, need help formulating a good team

I just started playing last week, since my friends wanted me to start playing again and I wanted to pull on the sanrio collab. I played back in like 2015 but I lost my account so I just restarted. Obviously can't do some of the hardest stuff yet, just trying to take it casual and try to make my hello kitty as strong as possible lol. I'm currently wanting to make my kugane an assist for reechkitty but please let me know if that's not a good idea haha. As for what dungeons I am aiming to clear, it's not really clear how hard each dungeon is to me but I can clear mystic and spectres but not spectre rush. The one I'm aiming to beat right now is hidden treasure challenge but that one might be out of reach for now, I don't really know. Thanks for reading this far!
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2021.12.05 14:43 ZacXme How to Noita

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2021.12.05 14:43 DonnyTheNuts My take on a classic. Ready for the holiday work party now

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2021.12.05 14:43 Vidar_draws Amaterasu

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2021.12.05 14:43 JasonAquaSupport SDEX & AMM Reward Voting FAQs

Is SDEX & AMM reward voting online? Voting for SDEX & AMM rewards starts on December 6, 2021.
What is SDEX & AMM reward voting? Aquarius allows the AQUA community to vote on where they would like to direct liquidity on Stellar's internal DEX. Users select the markets they value the most and place a vote with AQUA tokens against those markets.
How does voting happen? Using the upcoming reward voting website, AQUA holders place AQUA against markets they care about most. If markets get enough votes then AQUA SDEX & AMM rewards become active on them. Voters also choose a period of time to lock their vote for, stabilizing how long markets stay eligible for rewards.
What makes voting trusted? Voting takes place entirely on the Stellar blockchain, meaning votes are immutable and verifiable. Voting using the claimable balance operation on the Stellar network, allowing AQUA holders to claim back their AQUA after the time period chosen by a user ends. Once reclaimed, the AQUA can be used again for voting, governance, or any other use by the holder.
For more information on claimable balances head to our Aquarius Medium article - Claimable Balances
Will I receive rewards for voting? Voting is essentially for Aquarius to function as intended. To increase participation, voters receive voting rewards. Voting rewards aren't active quite yet, but all rewards will be back paid as all voting data can be retrieved from the Stellar blockchain.
Where can I vote for SDEX & AMM markets? Coming soon.
Example of why SDEX & AMM rewards help Stellar & users Carlos has 10000 AQUA tokens and typically holds XLM, USDC, and an anchored BTC asset. He sends payments to Argentina, in ARST (Argentinian peso) often, so he wants to ensure there's enough liquidity on the following market pairs: XLM/USDC, XLM/BTC, and USDC/ARST.
This would help him to trade XLM and BTC with low fees and send cheap cross-border payments to Argentina.
Hence Carlos could use the following allocation of his votes to prioritize the ARST pair, but also give some votes to the other two pairs:
- USDC/ARST: 7000 AQUA (70% of AQUA votes)
- XLM/USDC: 2000 AQUA (20% of AQUA votes)
- XLM/BTC: 1000 AQUA (10% of AQUA votes)
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2021.12.05 14:43 cookiesandmilk300 Bruh, who else used to collect these RAW Magazines? I collected them from like 2006-2008 I think, but I don’t have them anymore. I wish they still made these 😔

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2021.12.05 14:43 SolisArgentum I'm an amateur writer. This app has helped me visualise one of my environments with astounding accuracy.

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2021.12.05 14:43 dl57 Please improve 360 stats

This thing has a great potential for all the stats geeks out there including me. Overall, great value for the cost it has, but it has some serious flaws that seem really easy to improve, but it doesn't happen. The thing that bothers me most and made me write this post, is that it doesn't show you all the maps you play in the "map winrates" section. It has a limit of 9 maps, and you literally have no way to know what winrate you have with the remaining maps that you've played less. Why don't simply put a complete normal table with all the maps listed like you have in dota for example with the hero winrates and stats. Why to use this strange diagram with a 9 maps limit. I'm not even talking about the need to hover over each map in this diagram to see the numbers. This is just a bad user experience that can be very easily improved with a simple basic standard table.
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2021.12.05 14:43 tuan_angga Tittle

Hopefully this project is a success and then it becomes one of the best cryptos, I am enthusiastic about participating in this and also supporting it.
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2021.12.05 14:42 JargonX Akeway ethay uckfay upay, ockflay! Itsay amedaygay!

Uckfay ethay Eelersstay!
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2021.12.05 14:42 Dunlokk Potential Scam?

Potential Scam? I've received a message from this bot, anyone knows if it could be legit or not? I have 0 mutual servers with it and I think it didn't do a giveaway?
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2021.12.05 14:42 Voopooo When a Blue-name Gets a Warning:

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2021.12.05 14:42 imjustsomeposer my first 2 original pieces

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