First time I see him since forever, I almost thought he was dead, overpowered by OwO

2021.12.05 14:27 FantasyDragon14 First time I see him since forever, I almost thought he was dead, overpowered by OwO

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2021.12.05 14:27 randumly66 Hey Reddit, what is the nerdiest thing you know?

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2021.12.05 14:27 MyCowsNameIsGary What are some Reddit hive mind takes, good or bad?

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2021.12.05 14:27 TanavastVI What the f*ck is wrong with plane losers?!

Jesus, why are those lowlifes so annoying and oppressive? Wtf are those hitboxes on the bombs?!
Seriously, I've been playing BF since BF2 in 2005 or 2006 and I cannot recall any other game where planes were this annoying and broken when playing infantry or tanking. And to everyone saying get the Fliegerfaust: Most of the time you are already dead before you get it out.
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2021.12.05 14:27 Starbornnfts LAST DAY TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! DONT MISS OUT :)

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2021.12.05 14:27 I_follow_smart_ppl Lmao literally everyone ignores me now when I need to talk the most

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2021.12.05 14:27 SnooCakes5643 Starter Amp/Envelope for Matriarch?

I’m planning on doing a small (ha) modular build to support my Matriarch, and I’d like to start out by pushing it a bit closer towards polyphony: the single filter is fine, but I’d like to have more articulation for individual notes.
So the current plan is to get an amp/envelope module with 4 ins/outs so that I can route each oscillator into its own envelope; but I have a few questions:
1.) Which module would you recommend for this, and 2.) Are there any other modules I’d need to make this possible.
Thanks! And happy holidays
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2021.12.05 14:27 LANCENUTTER (WTS) New MP5 Tri-lug Flash Hider - MKE $80 (IA)
New takeoff from my AP5, never been used. Running a Tri-lug can do don't have much need. $80 shipped PayPal.
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2021.12.05 14:27 INV4LID_G4M3RS Reshiram 4092 9983 2004

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2021.12.05 14:27 artemisfowler69 Surface Pro 7 Battery Drain Firefox and Brave

Surface Pro 7 Battery Drain Firefox and Brave Hey,

I' having some trouble with my battery life, most of which seems to stem from background browser activity. Is there anything I can do to reduce the drain without completely abandoning Brave and Firefox. Also, I have quite a few large bookmarks, does this have anything to do with the drain?

Any hints are greatly appreciated
Last 7 days Battery Overview by Total Usage
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2021.12.05 14:27 10TrillionM1 My eBay buyer is private, is that bad?

I have an eBay buyer that is private, it shows that they have a feedback score of 10 and have been active since 2014. However, I dont like that I cannot see what the feedback is. This is for an expensive item so I'm just anxious I will be scammed.
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2021.12.05 14:27 09038789655 بچه سال شماره 28282020

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2021.12.05 14:27 Brilliant_Shock_8634 Cresco Pineapple Express vape for pain and anxiety while getting tattooed

I’m getting heavy Blackwork done and this pen got me through it. Helps keep the pain from getting too intense and it’s heady enough to keep from focusing on it when we got to tough spots.
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2021.12.05 14:27 empress_of_pinkskull Plumber finds cash, checks behind loose toilet in wall at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church

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2021.12.05 14:27 cannibal-vegan Bisexual Gaslight

Being bisexual does not always mean polyamorous. I am so tired of men thinking that. It seems like any time a man I am with finds out that I am bi, they think it automatically means threesome. There is nothing wrong with polyamoury, but I simply do not have the capacity for it. Even on a physical level, I have tried threesomes, but it is just too much for me to concentrate on. This even ended a marriage at one point. He kept trying to get other women into our relationship, after I continually explained my feelings in the matter. He repeatedly claimed he was doing this for my benefit and tried to call me small-minded for not seeing it that way. In response I told him if he really wanted a threesome, I would like him to watch me with another man first (this only temporarily stopped his quest and he never acknowledged it). I know I can't be alone in this experience, and just wanted to vent a bit. Just like squares and rectangles, not all bis are poly ;)
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2021.12.05 14:27 Various_Phase7621 Why does my hair look thinner when it gets more oily?

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2021.12.05 14:27 hackNos Top IoT Security Threats #security #iot

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2021.12.05 14:27 Independent_Ad_7204 What is you favorite moment of somebody getting their comeuppance?

My favorite Degrassi comeuppance is when Holly J got kicked out of Power Squad for airing Mia's dirty laundry to the public.
What about yours?
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2021.12.05 14:27 lnx2n Is there a way to remove organization/corporate managed OS and put personal OS on HP elitebook?

Long story short, I used to work for an offshore company and was done working for them.
I have a laptop from them which they didn't want back, as I am on the other side of the world.
I have no access to outlook now but I have this HP Elitebook 745 G6.
How do I removed managed OS and reimage it with my windows home version?
I tried removing CMOS but it still asks for bios admin password which I don't know.
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2021.12.05 14:27 decorumic Is there such a thing out there that shows a graph of the BTC (or any market) and the amount of liquidation it will cause falling above or below that price?

It seems like whenever BTC falls to a certain price, some people starts getting liquidated for longing. I have to be upfront that I'm pretty new to this observation and I may not truly know understand this observation at all. I assumed that's because those people leveraged and since the price fell below their collaterals, they got liquidated. Another possibility could also be options hitting their strike prices though I'm not even sure if there are options for crypto out there.
Is there such a thing like a place out that aggregates all these leverages to see at what current prices of certain markets versus the amount that would it cause liquidation and the average option strike prices?
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2021.12.05 14:27 oZeppy Help finding the perfect 1.17.1 seed

Hi. I’m trying to find the perfect seed for my needs in 1.17.1. I’ve been doing research and found that Cubiomes would be the best to find seeds that fit criteria. Cubiomes is a library that needs to be coded in C++. Would anyone who knows C++ be willing to help me make this?
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2021.12.05 14:27 ShivO050707 Played as Guliani/Snowe and got a weird coalition

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2021.12.05 14:27 Lxviixo For all mall Santa’s etc… what’s and experience you can never seem to forget(good or bad)?

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2021.12.05 14:27 martinocorrias CF Card in new Octatrack mk2

Hello everyone! So I just bought an Octatrack mk2. It will be delivered on tuesday. I was wondering if there's already a CF card in it or do I have to buy it separately? (I bought it from Thomann)
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2021.12.05 14:27 anotherINTP Adults, how have you dealt with resentment towards your parents for not raising you “properly”?

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