Hubcaps make tyre changes more difficult: Slower pit stops in 2022 - AMuS

2021.10.18 10:16 balls2brakeLate44 Hubcaps make tyre changes more difficult: Slower pit stops in 2022 - AMuS

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2021.10.18 10:16 JotaJota1717 Hypeculture is a streetwear clothing brand that integrates blockchain technology. Buy, sell or exchange NFT for real exclusive clothing. The roadmap and more information will be in the Website and Discord. Join it and become part of the community! Links in Comment.

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2021.10.18 10:16 fritzlschnitzel2 Att landa i verkligheten

Ljudet är främmande och bekant på samma gång. Det är inte en del av mig men innan ljudet så fanns jag inte. Det är långt borta och nära på samma gång. Jag sträcker mig och känner hur min kropp förlängs i all evighet. Jag korsar ett främmande universum som inte är mitt eget och når dess gräns. Med hela mitt väsens tyngd pressar jag mig mot det membran som står mellan mig och den rymd jag kallar mitt hem. Membranet brister och befinner mig nu i ett tomrum som jag känner så väl. Jag är fortfarande blind och min kropp saknar gränser i mörkret. Med känsel som enda sinne famlar jag i ett rum som ter sig stort som universum själv tills jag känner det. Mobilen. Ljudet. Jag sveper ett finger åt höger eller vänster, vem vet. Ljudet tystnar och jag sjunker sakta tillbaka ner i mörkret. Det är måndag mina vänner...
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2021.10.18 10:16 bonniefazband I don't know where he got that assumption from but hopefully it's harmless. Hopefully it won't turn him into such an extremist that he'll start a world war...

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2021.10.18 10:16 TigerInAformalsuit What took you forever to realize?

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2021.10.18 10:16 Alli_Catt TIFU by smoking weed and petting a cat.

After a long day of studying for a physiology midterm, I decided to go sit outside and unwind with a joint. After 20 minutes out there talking to my roommate and smoking, a neighbourhood cat we affectionately named Cheeseburger comes walking up to us. Now i have a mild allergy to cats but it’s never much more than itchy eyes or a stuffed up nose if I’m petting a cat for a few minutes. Well I think i ended up with cat hair in my eye because all of a sudden my eye was so itchy, but if i kept rubbing it, it didn’t hurt so much. A little while later as im removing my contacts my eye starts hurting more and finally after like 5 minutes of being stupid and rubbing my eye I decide to go look at it in the mirror. The inner corner of the sclera (white part) is red but it kind of looks like there’s a weird film on it and it’s raised. Of course having gotten contacts stuck or broken in my eyes, I assume that’s what’s going on. So i start doing all the tricks i know to get it out. After going going at it with my fingers, using q-tips, crying, sterile saline solution, and googling, I realize that think this might be a tear on my sclera.
So yeah now I’m laying in bed an hour later at 4am, looking up eye doctors that take emergency patients and still high as balls.
TL;DR I smoked some weed, pet a cat, be mildly allergic to cats, rubbed eye, continued to mess with eye thinking a piece of contact lens was stuck, I think I tore my sclera.
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2021.10.18 10:16 Gobi_Masala Which sim has the most detailed and realistic ffb?

Ive tried a few sims in the past with a racing wheel including beamng, assetto corsa, raceroom, city car driving, and a few others i dont remember the name of. The ffb from all the sims ive tried is ok but the ffb doesnt feel as detailed as a real wheel would get. You would feel the bumps and the rumble strips etc but none of the games ive tried as that rumbling feel when the car is moving which i think is from the little stone looking things on the tarmac. I want to know if there are any sims that simulate the ffb to the tiniest of detail like the tarmac texture or is that impossible to create at this time?
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2021.10.18 10:16 Hound0ur Help finding movie about faking cancer?

My friend and I have been trying to find a movie that I remember watching with my grandparents a few years back that is absolutely horrible. They got it from a redbox like dvd rental place I can't remember the name of, but it was a real movie, not an original project from the studio from what I know. If followed a HS kid whos dad has cancer whos been acting weird around his friends. His token gay best friend who drives him to school everyday asks him what's up, and he lies and says HE has cancer for some reason? His friend tells the WHOLE SCHOOL that he's suffering from horrible, terminal cancer, and instead of saying he messed up, he tries to ride out the lie, getting sympathy from the girl he likes. It's a romance for some god forsaken reason and when the castle of lies comes crumbling down (gay best friend long forgotten seriously he never shows up again from what I remember) she stays with him because she fells bad that his dad died in his arms. He does stuff like give speeches and shave his head to make it look like he was going to chemo (lying to his dad to say he was doing it in solidarity with him). I don't remember anything else, but I feel like you'd remember if you saw it considering no one else would think to make a movie witch such an awful premise. Not super high priority to find, but would love some help regardless.
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2021.10.18 10:16 SpecialistAd6977 AMD crashed my screen?

I was in class and all of a sudden my screen became unresponsive and then turned black and went back to normal, the reason why I think it's AMD is because AMD software gave me a pop up after my screen went back to normal. Now I don't know what caused this or why it happened cause this never happened to me before but ngl it was a heart stopping experience cause I thought my Laptop either had a virus or stopped working completely. DID ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?
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2021.10.18 10:16 reddit_feed_bot Dilbert: Dilbert by Scott Adams for Mon, 18 Oct 2021

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2021.10.18 10:16 Liquid_Cookie Peter sieht Geister - Wir ballern ALLES WEG! | Battlefield 2042

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2021.10.18 10:16 Luna_DaRedditor Pick a button

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2021.10.18 10:16 DeathSniper69 So, I wanted to ask a couple of questions... in Efootball2022

What can I do with coins, are they not usable yet? I can only play matchs and the events and I don't see a store and when are all of the other game modes coming? Will there be more clubs in the future?
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2021.10.18 10:16 AspiringIsko12 Looking for Managers 🖐️

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2021.10.18 10:16 KungfuBandit He's also eligible.

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2021.10.18 10:16 Less_Yogurtcloset249 Snotty Boy Konosuba

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2021.10.18 10:16 Maverick_ESL What is meant by being concise in writing?

Being concise is all about delivering as much information as possible without using unnecessary words.
Watch the video below to understand how it works:
Rules for writing part 1 | How to be concise - YouTube
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2021.10.18 10:16 CalisthenicGenius Just finished drawing Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden for my girlfriend.

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2021.10.18 10:16 ThatDudeYallKnow ✅ $7 entry fee. (22,000vids)(200+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed .

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2021.10.18 10:16 williambotter Exílio por liberdade: a barganha para calar a dissidência artística de Cuba

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2021.10.18 10:16 pizdocle Elena, instagrameriță

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2021.10.18 10:16 gentle_kitty Ive done it again !

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2021.10.18 10:16 MrSunMrMoon Rachel looking hot af on Good Morning Britain

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2021.10.18 10:16 Rohxas (QC) University Jordan 4 | Liujia Boutique ¥168

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2021.10.18 10:16 justanotherbagofmeat Im a malignant narcissist AMA

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