Happy 20th Anniversary Devil May Cry

2021.10.18 08:30 nooMehTrednUedalBts1 Happy 20th Anniversary Devil May Cry

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2021.10.18 08:30 aboakingaccident Glad to see things have worked out well for Norrie

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2021.10.18 08:30 Mattuhh i turned my pumpkin patch into a little farm area ready for the update! 👀 🥰

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2021.10.18 08:30 D0wnVoteMe_PLZ Why is 'a', 'an', 'the' important in English before words when a sentence can make sense without them too?

I'm not a native English speaker. We don't have that concept in my native language. Whenever I'm writing something and see the mistakes pointed out by Grammarly, they are usually related to me missing one of these in a sentence. I know the usage but not the importance.
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2021.10.18 08:30 cryptostarnmoon DeFi Deep Dive — Covalent, Blockchain Data Unifier

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2021.10.18 08:30 little-red-cap Fauna is leaving

I’ll miss her so much but I’ve had her for so long and she’s been very well loved with A LOT of adorable green outfits and accessories. Very tasteful, very adorable 10/10, please take care of her
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2021.10.18 08:30 Ok-Mention551 https://t.me/joinchat/MBbqW8AwqHE4YTcx

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2021.10.18 08:30 FluffyBlack Do you still got any "KARMA"?

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2021.10.18 08:30 tandem_felix Pooja Bedi tests positive for COVID, says "I choose to stay unvaccinated". Also check out her old post where she refuses to believe it's serious, and compares it to simple flu

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2021.10.18 08:30 viralproductz Remote Control for Tivibu tv APK v3.0.2 Download

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2021.10.18 08:30 Justinh930 HELP!!!

ate a bottle of 5htp (natural serotonin booster) up to 5 hours ago. Making him throw up right now. Anything else we can do??
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2021.10.18 08:30 Obvious_Play_2196 「FIRE STARTERS」

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN U TELL THAT IM EXCITED? BECAUSE I AM EXCITED! I wanted to make a popular and compelling side antagonist for my fan part “Beyond the stars; JoJo” and I wanted Ringo levels of popularity and even though my part isn’t released and you won’t be able to judge…I do like him.
Stand name:「Fire Starters」
Stand user: T. Rex (AAAAHHHH)
Musical references: Fire starters is the name of a song by the prodigy and T.Rex was an English rock band
Appearance: This stand is an Non-organic humanoid stand (it’s very close to organic to) and it is tall with an average build (average in JJBA means BUILT AF) It’s body first, it’s your average muscular chest with an sunset organs colour, it has reddish orange thick stitches on some parts with no real pattern, the arms are both musicality and have stitches to with reddish orange strips of rectangular stuff hanging at the wrist. Legs are the same but it’s wearing a sorta short and the ankles have those strips to, also stitches. This head is sunset orange, it’s jaw is is extra thick, reddish orange, the bottle tedth are hurting out and covering the nose and upper mouth, it’s head it flattened and again, has think red stitches.
Ability: This stand has two abilities, technically it’s side ability must be used to use its main ability but it can be used by itself. It’s side ability is known as burning touch. Burning touch: if the stand is holding just a handful of anything, it can set it ablaze, Simple ability.
Pin point location: It’s main ability needs the help of burning touch and even if it may not sound to strong, Trex (YEAH) is smart with this ability. Pin point location can affect anything and can make that affected thing come to a specific location. First Fire Starter must touch the things he wants effected and he can effect any object (including living things) that are no bigger then a car, actually no bigger then a plane, not only that but any animal is affect including the blue whale. Once affected, the target can go anywhere and use burning touch too burn anything it wants and throw it on the ground, once done, all objects will be compelled to go, affected humans will all of a sudden have a reason to go and reality will change to make the human go as quick as possible like if the location is half way around the world, all airplanes will be extra fast, it will be clear skies and all that, any object touched will under go a bunch of coincidences that will make the object end up at the location (that includes less intelligent animals). This doesn’t hypnotize the human target, it just makes them want to and theirs no way around it, it will also change reality to make the effected thing go their as soon as possible.
Stand stats:
Destructive power: C (Not the ability, I’m just talking about it’s punchy power)
Speed: N/A (It depends but it will make them come as soon as possible)
Durability: B (Stand is quite durable)
Range: A ( User and affected target could be half way around the earth and the location can be anywhere)
Precision: A (Always makes affected objects go into the exact spot where the burned object was placed and reality makes affected object go in the most precise path to the location, within reason)
Development Potential: C
AaAaAaAaAaHhHhHhHhHh I love trex so MUCH! Hopefully my part come sooner then expected. Also sorry for my typos, auto correct is a bitch and I’m really tired
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2021.10.18 08:30 DingusMcPoyle ISO 30 MF + Gheed's

Let me know what you're looking for.
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2021.10.18 08:30 kludgwerwer3243 💎 Dont Miss MoonGame.io💎 | Presale 18 OCTOBER Raise 1200BNB | ✅Full passed Audit | Play to Earn| Hold to Earn| Stake to Earn 🔥List HOTBIT☄️

⭐️ We are thrilled to announce the hottest I-Gaming platform we've seen all year, https://t.me/moongame\_io⭐️
This is a serious audited long term project with huge potential. One of our best calls this week. 😯
🎰 What is Moongame? 🎰
Moongame is one of the latest I-Gaming platforms with a huge focus on investors.
💲 How can I earn?
Hold to earn, play to win, or collect platform fees from staking, Moongame caters to those looking to earn big!
♣️ Join the Moongame Community
👉 Whitelist Competition : October 15 - 19 15:00 UTC
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👉 Pre-sale 2 ( DONT MISS)
〰️ Time : October 18 - 25 15:00 UTC
〰️ Total Release : 85,000,000 MGT
〰️ Price : 1 BNB = 85,000 MGT
〰️ Minimum Contribution : 0.05 BNB
〰️ Maximum Contribution : 20 BNB
〰️ Hardcap : 1000 BNB
👉 Enter the 20K Giveaway! - 20 Winners - Join the Pre-Sale to Participate 💰
->>>Join giveaway. https://moongame.io/launchpad
🎲 MoonGame details:
💎 8.5% BNB Rewards for holding
💎 Unique betting system with Farming & Staking.
💎 5 Games on launch & more being developed.
Dice, Coin, Hi-Lo, Keno & Blazing Slots
💎 NFT Platform & Live Gaming coming 2022.
💎 Huge referral system with up to 28% referral bonus percent on $MGT referral purchase.
They have a whole lot more!
ℹ️ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $MGT.
ℹ️ Tech Rate Audit:
Read more details:
🌐 Website
👥 Telegram
🎈 Pre-Sale Info:
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2021.10.18 08:30 conspiracythruther Grapes bra

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2021.10.18 08:30 scottpeterson99 Proof psychic abilities exists, basically.

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2021.10.18 08:30 psyqthrowaway0 I'm worried about my friend, she's in a really bad place mentally

So my (16m) closest friend (15f) recently switched to a new school. Since she started, it's been a living hell. She wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and gets home around 6 pm on an average day. She met a guy there who she really liked who turned out to be narcissistic and manipulative and nasty and fake. She really struggles a lot as well with body dysmorphia and wishes she was skinnieprettiemore attractive. (For the record, she is a very pretty person and she is not overweight, just a person with a larger frame.) For the past few weeks, she had been barely eating/not eating at all until she told her mom about it.
She tells me a lot about how completely exhausted and just tired of her life she is. She told me that she doesn't want it to seem like she's just wallowing in self-pity but she needs to get her feelings out. She has had a pretty tough life/childhood, she was sexually assaulted multiple times by a close family member and has always struggled with her self worth/image. She keeps saying that it could be worse and other people have it a lot worse than she does but I'm still concerned about her situation. She says she's not suicidal but she admitted that she self-harms occasionally, which is a little concerning. I try to be there as best as possible for her to just listen and validate her feelings.
Is there anything else I can do? I really care about her a lot and hate to see her going through these things. She says that if she wouldn't be able to ask for help and even if she did it would only make things worse.
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2021.10.18 08:30 DiabulusPyrus I shouldn't be jungling as an Eldegoss (much less on a RANKED game) but no one on my team entered lol (not bots btw)

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2021.10.18 08:30 ZoolShop Succession season 3 premiere recap: what now for the Roy family?

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2021.10.18 08:30 Max_Sanchez1 Need Money

Just got an Xbox and switched to my old account I had before even the ceo update came out, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a heist with me
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2021.10.18 08:30 A-Maeshima Ouro Kronii Joker

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2021.10.18 08:30 Spinocrafty Beat lich first try and did it flawless when I was trying to do robots past. Now I have to retry all over again

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2021.10.18 08:30 Affectionate-Job-398 Thoughts on the Iraqi monarchy (and ME monarchiesin general)?

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2021.10.18 08:30 Salazzmalazz What is something you regret googling?

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2021.10.18 08:30 Monster3252 H: Weapons W: offers

Ve1a Gp, aaap25lv tesla, be mini gun, mute15fr 50cal. , Mutefms 50cal, mute90rw gat gun, b251p fixer, Q50cstlth fixer, nocap25lv fixer, juge250dr fixer, ber50c15c fixer, trbl25ffr25lv fixer, jap15c fixer,juge1a fixer, tse50cal 2* , tsbash501a bayoneted bpr, tse1a lvl40 gat gun, tse 1a railway rifle, v25dwa15fr mini gun v25ffr15c pepper shaker, demon mask
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