Chris Ahegao

2021.10.18 09:52 Upbeat-Engineer-6745 Chris Ahegao

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2021.10.18 09:52 fenreer92 [Chat] 29male looking to chat maybe game?

Hello it's a boring night looking to chat or possibly game, I play on psn and Nintendo switch , dm is open so feel free
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2021.10.18 09:52 Jazo0 STEINHOFF INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS N.V. - Steinhoff Global Settlement Update on SARB Approval

Steinhoff Global Settlement – Update on SARB Approval Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. (Incorporated in the Netherlands) (Registration number: 63570173) Share Code: SNH ISIN: NL0011375019 Steinhoff Investment Holdings Limited (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa) (Registration number: 1954/001893/06) JSE Code: SHFF ISIN: ZAE000068367 STEINHOFF GLOBAL SETTLEMENT – UPDATE ON SARB APPROVAL Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. (“SIHNV” or the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, “Steinhoff”) together with Steinhoff International Holdings Proprietary Limited (“SIHPL”) provide the following update with respect to the Steinhoff global litigation settlement proposal. On 11 August 2021 the Company announced an increased offer and stated that: “Following this announcement, SIHNV and SIHPL will proceed to seek further approval from the South Africa Reserve Bank/FINSURV for necessary approvals.” Steinhoff is pleased to announce that it has received approval from SARB/FINSURV for the cross-border transfers contemplated by the revised Steinhoff global settlement proposal. The approval is valid until 31 May 2022. Louis du Preez, Chief Executive Officer, said: “The FINSURV approval satisfies one of the remaining conditions to implementation of the global litigation settlement. The final material requirement is the approval of the High Court in South Africa to the SIHPL section 155 proposal. Given the overwhelming claimant support in favour of the settlement proposal, we are committed to implementing it as soon as possible.” The Company has a primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and a secondary listing on the JSE Limited. Stellenbosch, South Africa 18 October 2021 JSE Sponsor: PSG Capital Date: 18-10-2021 09:10:00 Produced by the JSE SENS Department. The SENS service is an information dissemination service administered by the JSE Limited ('JSE'). The JSE does not, whether expressly, tacitly or implicitly, represent, warrant or in any way guarantee the truth, accuracy or completeness of the information published on SENS. The JSE, their officers, employees and agents accept no liability for (or in respect of) any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage of any kind or nature, howsoever arising, from the use of SENS or the use of, or reliance on, information disseminated through SENS.
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2021.10.18 09:52 Hot-Discussion6554 saben como se llama?

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2021.10.18 09:52 BrazilianBulwark The leader of Brazil's truckers union attacks Bolsonaro

One of the main leaders of the 2018 truck drivers' strike, Wallace Landim, known as “Chorão”, says that the current situation is worse than in the Michel Temer government, and accuses President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) of not caring about the claims proposed by the category.
Landim, who is the president of the Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava), says that one of the objectives of the strike scheduled for November 1st is the fight against the increase in the value of fuel in refineries and the "denialism" of the government.
“We have been making claims in the category for three years, and the government has done nothing. The category is at the limit”, said Chorão, in an interview to the website ‘Metrópoles’, this Sunday (17).
“[Let's] fight for our survival, because we have information that gasoline was going to rise another 8% by December. They [the government] are not concerned with the worker, they are deniers”, he added.
On Wednesday (13), the Chamber of Deputies approved the bill that changes the calculation of taxation in order to achieve a reduction in fuel prices.
The proposal, which is now running in the Senate, provides for the tax to be applied in each state on the average value of the last two years to lower the price of gasoline.
Currently, this tax applied to fuels is based on the average price of gasoline, diesel and ethanol in the previous 15 days in each state. This means that, every 15 days, the price is revised according to a price survey at the stations. On this amount, the rates for each fuel are applied. According to Chorão, however, the resolution is inefficient.
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2021.10.18 09:52 Hot-Childhood-1194 سلام به طرفدارن کاپر گالم

اگه دوست داشتید کاپر گالم به بازی اضافه بشه عضو ساب ردیت طرفداران کاپر گالم بشید لینک در کامنت ها
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2021.10.18 09:52 whatiswatermelon Scholarships

This is a reminder especially for year 13s that most unis offer a lot of scholarships. There are also scholarships offered by other organisations.
It feels like most people don't look in to it nor apply for them. There's this fear about not having good enough grades etc but it's literally just free money. If you come from a low income family there's even more scholarships for you.
I got pretty bad grades but still got 4 scholarships just because I applied for them. It took a short statement (most people just copy and pasted their personal statement) and got accepted.
Have a look
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2021.10.18 09:52 Untied_Blacksmith Tom Morello: “Fight The Power” By Subscribing To My New York Times Newsletter

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2021.10.18 09:52 Fun_Issue_9709 Where can i read AoTnr and how does it end?

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2021.10.18 09:52 SP4CEelfTTV After playing a buggy, choppy, nightmare of a New World launch

It actually made me appreciate other games! Like today I purchased the pre-order of Elyon Online and I couldn’t believe how smooth the gameplay was, how interactive and entertaining the quests are, the beautiful fast mounts, the open world non group gank pvp, the dungeon and pvp finder, the fact that women characters actually look like women, non ugly armor —I feel SO spoiled playing this! Thank you New World for lowering my standards in other mmo’s!
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2021.10.18 09:52 tinkerbell2678 life update: i need more hoodies

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2021.10.18 09:52 Terrible-Reach-3000 Is Myers–Briggs pseudoscience and BS

I recently got into MBTI and was pretty excited about learning about myself. Then I got to few opinions that Myers–Briggs personalities are not based on any scientific evidence as well as the fact that Jung was said to believe in Astrology for example pin points a red flag that his school of thought was not very scientific based and could potentially be very misleading.

I'm curious, what does folks think?
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2021.10.18 09:52 PreviousAd2107 Would this copy pass the ''scripted'' website test?

3 questions to save you money when purchasing your car insurance.
choosing car insurance seems to be more difficult than choosing the car itself, so first thing first, while looking through insurance contracts, think how to save money and getting a good deal, and here is some question to ask for the salesperson that might help you save some money:
1- '' are there any discounts for groups?''
being a member of a group either it was a business group, alumni group or any other professional group can deduct money from your premium.
2- '' Do I get a discount when I complete the defensive driving course?''
defensive driving courses are not the only advantage for your driving skills but they can also save you money with the insurance company.
3-'' Do I get a discount if I purchased more than one insurance from your company?''
well, it is not popular but upon research, you could find companies that offer you a discount if you purchased different types like home insurance and auto insurance.
when those questions help you to get a good deal and you are ready to go on the road always remember to be smart and drive safe
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2021.10.18 09:52 Big_Ad8131 chegg answer

help ASAP
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2021.10.18 09:52 Scarlet-Prince New player trying to decide between Baratheon and Lannister to start with?

Hi everyone, I finished the GOT tv series a while back and after seeing miniacs review of the game, i'm interested in both Baratheon and Lannister forces. But i'd like to know the pros and cons of collecting either of them. I would hope to play with a focus on what makes them unique, such as the alchemists and radicalized members of the Lannisters or the indoctrinated baratheon warriors of light. How do they perform on the tabletop? how does Stannis differentiate from Renly in play? are there any challenges or tips to building an army of either factions.
Separate but related question, what are the challenges of the hobby side of things? How are they to paint?
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2021.10.18 09:52 CombinationSevere408 I'm looking for some mystery anime

Hi, can you suggest some mystery anime that has suspense?
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2021.10.18 09:52 NotThatKyle What experience or story made you believe in ghosts/spirits?

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2021.10.18 09:52 Fullmetal35 My Friend saw this on his way home

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2021.10.18 09:52 katy_o3 Ability based games?

Can anyone recommend any good new games where you use abilities? Like instead of a gun you fire lightning or something along these lines.
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2021.10.18 09:52 Henrique_FB Crossposting a Thought Experiment I came up with, hope you like it.

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2021.10.18 09:52 Durkenheimer- My XBOX ONE controller isn't picking up in game. [GM2]

GameMaker2 picks it up just fine, but in-game none of the gamepad slots show a connected controller, does anyone have any idea what is happening or how to fix it?
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2021.10.18 09:52 Mario-C Posted at r/europe

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2021.10.18 09:52 Andaaz-USA New Arrival Designer Bengali Wedding sarees

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2021.10.18 09:52 TheCloudTheWolf [1.16.5] Magitek Adventures [FORGE]

[1.16.5] Magitek Adventures [FORGE]
Following the release of my 1.17.1 pack, Magitek Adventures, I wanted to go back and re-make the pack with Forge Mods!
And I did it!
This time I decided that I needed to up the difficulty though.
You still start by picking an Origin, but this time you pick a Curse Or Blessing instead of a class.
And so, your adventure begins. Things may start normal, working on making a Tinker's Forge, but something seems off. you see statures that keep getting closer, a dragon can be seen flying off in the distance, you saw a Ghast in the overworld and you swear you saw someone, or something watching you.
But you continue on your way, in the hopes you're just imagining things. You get Obsidian, and build a Nether Portal, set it alight, and... nothing. This is when you realise this is not your everyday Minecraft. You remember seeing a strange pool surrounded by Netherrack, you head back with just a sword, some food and a diamond pickaxe and jump in, Finally, you are in the Nether. But wait, there looks to be no way back... How will your adventure go?
Play the pack here:
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2021.10.18 09:52 WeirdComprehensive14 [19] Can't say I'm not festive

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