It won't ever be the same

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2021.10.18 08:54 Jaimehb218 It won't ever be the same

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2021.10.18 08:54 AcornAl NZ: 60 new community and 5 new border cases

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2021.10.18 08:54 Toadfinger 48 years ago (October 17th, 1973) Montrose released their first album

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2021.10.18 08:54 WooliesBruh quick 2042 post launch wishlist

let us play as non specialists and choose two gadgets instead of using the specialist gadget, this way specialists can stay and some part of the community's response to specialists is addressed support portal as much if not more than the base game/hazard zone add naval stuff (carrier assault?) have challenges for those of us who max out in multiplayer (pestilence, famine etc challenges from bf1) add more melee execution animations, don't lock them behind mTx (see Titanfall 2) add big melee weapons, let me bash someones skull in with a shovel let me save a gun preset to spawn in with so that I don't have to open the attachment menu everytime I first spawn in 2142 vehicles in portal would be insane
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2021.10.18 08:54 Newreddituser98367 Just a random post

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2021.10.18 08:54 Purebill Why is Souza still being used at all?

He hit that homer against the D Backs and thats it. Are we that depleted that his automatic out is still being counted on? I mean AJ and Trea are just as bad but at least they were regular starters, isn’t there some minor league player that can take Souza place?
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2021.10.18 08:54 Material-Bit-3538 TOP 10 FANCY FACTS EREN YEAGER😍🤑🔥

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2021.10.18 08:54 YoungStres how do you fix colour banding on autodesk sketchbook pc

how do you fix colour banding on autodesk sketchbook pc
I been trying to find a way to fix this but I don't how. I tried resting my brushes and it still didn't work. Anyone know how to fix this? i had to repost this because i didnt know how to edit a post with an image and also if anyone doesnt know what colour banding is, i have a image to show what it looks like.
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2021.10.18 08:54 Prince_Nexus So, I think I just made a REALLY big mistake.

Basically, I have this game open all the time when I'm on my PC. I was playing Nier: Replicant, and growing flowers in the game requires real world time, weeks of it to get the flowers I wanted. So I moved my clock forward.
The problem is, now, that my trades refresh in about 2 weeks, and my artifacts won't be spawning for another 2 weeks as well. Is there any way I can fix this?
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2021.10.18 08:54 whatishappening04 What are your favorite weight loss subliminals ?

im creating a new playlist 😼
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2021.10.18 08:54 cxntney a very unnecessary wheelchair ramp.

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2021.10.18 08:54 Mother_Ducker12 Today is the day I become un-nocturnal

Sorry, long post. I talk lot.
For a while now I’ve had an awful sleep schedule. On days I don’t work, I usually go to bed at like 4am and wake up around 4pm the next day. Lately I’ve been pushing it and not falling asleep until like 6 sometimes 7am and not waking until like 5pm. Last winter, I was waking up as late as 6pm sometimes. Where I live, the sun sets around 4pm starting in November so there were some days where I just wasn’t seeing any sun at all. I was fully nocturnal.
My schedule got like this during the pandemic since there was nothing for me to do all day. I just preferred night too since I felt more productive. Something a about being one of few people awake while the world was asleep was appealing. Well, I’ve been back at my job for a while now and finally have something to do all day. However my schedule is still just as messed up. I’ll sleep from like 6-8am, go to work, sleep from 7-10pm, and then start the cycle anew. I used to be able to function like that but lately it’s been really messing me up. I’ve been having more headaches, muscle aches, foggy memories, and my mental health is absolutely in the toilet. I struggle with OCD and not sleeping well really amps it up to ten. I leave work drained, feeling like shit, and spiraling.
Well today, no more. I’m going to become un-nocturnal. And stop sleeping for 12 hours. That’s it’s own issue which is probably medical but I’ll discuss it with my Dr. soon. I’m tired of feeling cruddy and cranky and I’m tired of my OCD winning. If I get enough sleep, and at proper times, I suspect I’ll be on the up and up.
It’s currently almost 3am where I am but after I post this I’m putting Reddit down and going to bed. I’m also going to stop bad habits that are keeping me up like being on my phone so much or eating before sleeping. It’s just not sustainable for me to live this way anymore, especially as I get older. I really need to fix my physical and mental health, so no more nocturnal for me.
If anyone has any tips for starting and maintaining a proper sleep schedule, please send them my way!
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2021.10.18 08:54 Heptoss New lush cave generation reminded me of Pamukkale, Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage.

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2021.10.18 08:54 tsubasa_shin Ramen shop kibusachi, show the kitchen in operation

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2021.10.18 08:54 Quang_17 any Ideas on how to fix my boots?

any Ideas on how to fix my boots? I got this pair of boots last season and apparently my bindings weren't very kind to them. (no worries I'm getting new bindings. ) I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas on how I could fix this boot to get it to last 1 more season. Thanks.
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2021.10.18 08:54 Inevitable-Tank-456 AWS-Beginners guide.

Greetings, Let’s talk about my background first, I’m working as a network pentester for few years. I have a keen interest on cyber security. Which AWS certification should I go for that will cover cyber security? Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.18 08:54 DNK1308 Zattana's protégés guessing contest!!

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2021.10.18 08:54 qwertz566 Mies gut
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2021.10.18 08:54 Finance_ultra How to Use Mortgage Calculator ? and What Are the Uses of It

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2021.10.18 08:54 AnirudhGoyal Crazy sock Day.

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2021.10.18 08:54 Designer_Persimmon_8 I had a post yesterday about my keys2cognition test results and again I had a test, the test tells me that I am an INTP but as you can see that my Fe and Si are too low to be an INTP. Also, as it can be seen that my Ti , Ni , Te , Ne are higher than 40. Just want your guy's opinion about my MBTI.

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2021.10.18 08:54 Hopirx VOLTA ARCADE

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2021.10.18 08:54 NoIndividual7481 Trying to find a racing wheel under £70

Extra details like if it had paddle shifters and peddles I need help with one that works for Xbox because on every wheel has half its review saying that it doesn't work on Xbox does anyone know of any that do work?
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2021.10.18 08:54 ActorMichaelPenis AM I Shadowbanned?

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2021.10.18 08:54 police06 is there an option to bypass iphone 8 gsm 14.7.1 with signal working?

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