Creepy weebs wanted to enslave the only female player's character, and of them may have been a lolicon/paedophile.

2021.09.26 15:29 DylStur Creepy weebs wanted to enslave the only female player's character, and of them may have been a lolicon/paedophile.

I will be referring to the cast of this story as:
Myself as first person pronouns playing a human necromancy wizard.
My partner as Lanz playing a reborn zealot barbarian (also the only girl in the party)
The GM as GM
The gnome Artificer Alchemist as Ozzyman
The halfling inquisitor rogue as weeb #1
The half orc fighter (never found out his subclass) as weeb #2
The pixie death cleric as cleric
So we begin our story with my partner telling me about an advertisement for a game she saw, that she wanted me to join with her. The campaign was advertised as a JRPG style campaign, drawing most of its inspiration from Final Fantasy. I've never played Final Fantasy before, so I was kinda hesitant at first due to it being a Japanese/anime style game which would of course attract weebs. I have never met a weeb who is not an absolute weirdo (not that I'm saying all weebs are weirdos, I've just had bad luck when encountering weebs in the wild). Despite this, my partner reassured me that Final Fantasy weebs are generally much better behaved than other weeb communities. I haven't had the chance to play in a game for a while so I naturally jumped at the chance to finally play again as a nice change to GMing for once. We both messaged the GM, and we managed to both get in together. I originally wanted to play as a death cleric, my character concept being a human who is a part of a death cult, whose high priests are liches. He was directly lifted from my own homebrew world, and I wanted to play as this character because I really enjoyed RPing as him. Unfortunately, the party already had a death cleric, so I switched him to a necromancy wizard. After a few days I'd finally put my character together, and my partner and I worked out that we were going to have a joint backstory. She was playing a reborn Zealot Barbarian named Gilbert. The idea was that he died centuries ago, and my character had dug up his remains and reanimated him, however he retained free will because he had unfinished business in the world.
So we get invited to the server. Everything's all going great until Weeb #1 arrives. After they send their first message, I immediately take a disliking to this person as their messages consist of that cringey cutesy "Hewwo UwU" shite. Things go from cringe to alarming as Weeb #2 joins, and by the end of the day they're talking about taking slaves to wait on them hand and foot, and to do weird experiments on or just kill for fun. I decided to step in and try to set a boundary by saying something to the effect of "My wizard is morally opposed to slavery" which is true. This prompted them to try to bribe me with them getting me a "hot lady or hot boy [sic.]". I began contemplating leaving the campaign before it had even begun because rape and other forms of non consensual sex acts is a hard limit for me. I don't include it in the games I GM for nor would I ever allow it, and I definitely don't want to play in a game with people who's characters are rapists. I brought this up to my partner, and we agreed that we'd see how the first session went before we decided to leave. And boy, the first session was a hot mess. The GM did a great job by shutting down any potential edgelord lone wolves by splitting Lanz and myself up and pairing us up with each other. We began with me looking for Lanz, as her character had been kidnapped by criminals to be sold on an underground exotic creatures market. He paired me up with Weeb #2 and established that we had already done introduction between the two of us, and we were now looking for Lanz to rescue them. Lanz did pretty well by herself. She managed to knock out a guard by detaching one of her arms (her character was pretty much a skeleton) and using it to drag the guard who was just out of her normal arm's reach, into her normal reach to knock him out. Meanwhile, Weeb #1 was hiding, and found Lanz and cleric's belongings, as cleric had also been captured and put into a cage. He decided he was going to steal all of it.
By this point, Lanz had come out of her cage undetected thanks to Ozzyman causing a massive ruckus and leading away some of the guards, and freed cleric who'd disconnected from the call due to internet being knocked out by a storm in their area, and she grappled the rogue to attempt to get her axe at the very least so she at least had a weapon. While this was happening, myself and Weeb #2 were trying to negotiate Lanz's release, and Ozzyman had disconnected too because he had to go to a play rehearsal. I should mention as a side note, as I forgot to mention earlier we were supposed to be having a session 0 but it turned into session one pretty much out of nowhere which is why Ozzyman had a schedule clash. Anyway, the GM mentioned that I saw Lanz walk over to someone behind some boxes, so I walked straight over to them. This caused the merchant to realise the merchandise had escaped, and so began combat. We were using Avrae, as per the GM's choice. But when we were waiting for the GM to start the initiative I mentioned that the GM needed to start initiative with an Avrae command. He responded with "I don't go into the Avrae stuff" despite the fact that he requested we use Avrae. After rolling initiative with a !c init command instead of the normal !i join command, the enemies just got... a free round? The GM just decided they'd all get to have their turns and we couldn't take ours until the next round. I asked if it was a surprise round and he said no, it was not. The guards all transformed into wererats and took the dodge action, and here's where I realised the GM was just making this combat encounter up on the fly, because every attack we made was a one hit kill on these things. Weeb #1 did 6 damage on his first attack and immediately killed one. Then Lanz killed two with her greataxe that she managed to pry from Weeb #1's sticky fingers after we all collectively yelled at him to give her the axe so she at least had a weapon for the combat we were in.
We made short work of these wererats. I looked up their stat blocks once combat was over. Wererats have an AC of 13 and 33hp, and the GM said an attack roll of 10 to hit did in fact hit them, and our damage ranged from 5 to 22 in one attack, all attacks insta killing the wererats. After looting corpses and exploring the bazaar, we found a little elf girl asleep inside a box, with the inside of the box having claw marks all over it, as if an animal with claws was trying to escape. The GM described the girl as "Black haired, which is very rare. [sic.]" and "She has very beautiful blue eyes, as if someone plucked the moons from the sky and put them in her eye sockets." after we woke her up. While deciding what to do, Weeb #1 said "Oooh, a trapped little elven girl!" I don't know for sure if he was going to say or do something disgusting, because I cut him off and told him "if you're going to do some disgusting loli shit, don't." The party kind of laughed it off, but I was being serious. Thankfully Weeb #1 heeded my advice and instead decided to wake her up. When we woke her up, the GM gave the aforementioned description of her eyes, and then said we were going to leave it there as a cliffhanger. After that, we chatted for 10 minutes but Lanz and I dipped as soon as we could. During that 10 minute conversation, Weeb #2 asked the GM that if we hadn't gotten into combat, if they bought Lanz would she have a magical slave binding on her which would make her do their bidding, which the GM confirmed would have happened. We'd both agreed we were going to leave the game in PMs with eachother, but this fully solidified our decision to leave the campaign.
Additional info that I forgot to mention or just wasn't super important; Both Weeb #1 and #2 were getting audibly aggressive with the GM, and the GM was getting audibly frustrated at them as a result.
The rogue didn't give Lanz her stuff back, and actively hid the rest of her stuff, other than her battleaxe of course.
During his distraction, Ozzyman was trying to get an idea of his surroundings and the GM was being as descriptive and helpful as a brick wall, which was causing him to become audibly frustrated.
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Like wtf we look all the same except for that D:
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Our Crypto analytics project to help maximise your crypto assets With so much commentary and news events across the alt coin world, it can become an exhausting and frustrating exercise to keep on top of it all. Especially when a coin you've been tracking for months just doubled overnight.
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If you'd like to be a part of our platform, our subreddit is RedSeaCrypto. And please feel free to share any feedback off our platform as we're always looking for ways to improve it.
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2021.09.26 15:29 Sprmodelcitizen Cis woman/ step parent here. I’m stepson is very young (7) but I’m pretty sure he is trans. How do I help?

He’s the cutest. (I refer to him as he because he hasn’t quite said he’s a girl yet but I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen. Idk maybe not. His dad (my boyfriend) isn’t exactly being cool about it. He doesn’t have any grands friends. Everytime we watch a movie or tv show the kid is like “I’m her” or “I want to be her” “I look like her” and his dad is like “no you can’t you’re a boy.” He puts on my clothes every chance he gets. He wears a towel on his head from the second he gets home from school so that he has long hair. Only plays with “girls” toys. This has been a thing for a few years now so it doesn’t seem to be “a phase” like his parents claim. His mother is Mormon and though she claims to be cool with the lgbtqia community she is very much not (makes weird comments about hey men etc) I’ve brought up that baby kid might not be a boy and both of them were very negative about it. Although they both love baby kid and I’m almost positive they would and will both come along I just want to know how best to support him. I have a few trans friends but I don’t want to bombard them with questions because that feels rude to be like “hey you’re trans can you tell me what to do?” I know the earlier you let kids be themselves the better so how do I approach this. Also is this an appropriate forum for this? I don’t want to sneak up in your space and get my cis all over it. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.26 15:29 Blackdragonbird What of these items id best for Nenio?

I'm a little confused in how exactly spell level, caster level and spell DC works exactly, and how they interact with each other.
My question is about these 2 items:
Processing img onft190anup71...
Wich is better to equip on Nenio? Considering that she is also used to cast Haste, Greater Heroism, and other Enchantment/Transmutation School Spells.
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