Castle Combe, England | Credit: @jameslloydcole

2021.09.26 14:27 XiaHyu_10 Castle Combe, England | Credit: @jameslloydcole

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2021.09.26 14:27 _kingofnull Alcoholic Apples

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2021.09.26 14:27 Cordova341 Looking into first AR.

Hello all! I've been shooting guns since a young age and have been looking into getting an AR for a while now. I'm not looking to spend more than 1000, preferably lower than 800 though. So far I've found a local shop that has a Smith and Wesson M&P Sport II and a Diamondback DB15. I love the free floating barrel of the diamondback, but I know and trust the Smith and Wesson name. The Smith and Wesson is also about 150 dollars cheaper. I already have a sight and broomstick for the gun so I would be changing the handguard. Is this possible with the free floating Diamondback? If this is not possible but the Diamondback is an amazing gun I can live without the broomstick. Both of these guns fall well into my price range and would leave plenty of money left over for ammo.
What are your guys thoughts and recommendations on the two guns or first AR's in general?
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2021.09.26 14:27 JacksonTheEpicGod I’m exporting video from premire pro to media encoder and it says 1 output encoding left. Do I wait it out or is there something else I can do to make it just go on YouTube?

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2021.09.26 14:27 paskies "Nice mask, can't wait to take it as a trophy."

I'm playing with the FPGE mod
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2021.09.26 14:27 radratttt weapons appearing gold

wondering if anyone has any idea why weapon loot is appearing on ground almost gold when they’re not legendary/mythic?
not sure if it’s something in my settings but I can’t figure it out and it’s super annoying
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2021.09.26 14:27 Peekeuaboo Can we talk about how just warning someone is not enough

This is kinda like a rant too but I wanna know what y'all think.
Like I've been warned about the dangers of befriending people online. I knew what disaster it could cause. But I still knowingly went ahead and made some online friends. I chose to do so myself.
Why? Cuz consequences kinda fucked me up and I ended up seeing myself willingly put myself at risk just to make friends. Now. I do have friends at school. A nice close bunch of them at that. But my dad would always told me with a disgusted face about chatting with them on WhatsApp groups etc. He never really understood the concept of socialising at school. For him, I shouldn't have school (nor tuition) friends. Like yes I go there to study not to make friends. It doesn't mean not making friends at school will be harmless. I mean look at me just a few months back.
Yes there was lockdown and I was lonely. I still wouldn't have gone making online friends if I was taught chatting with school friends was ok and innocent and normal because I would have just chat with my irl friends and not put myself at risk. Let's not forget I'm an extreme introvert so it takes quite some alone time for me to go to that extent.
Tl;dr; don't just warn about them about danger then do things that push them towards that same danger. Warn them and make sure they do things that keep them away. Other than being conscious of that danger.
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2021.09.26 14:27 cardinalwren i just had the most vivid dream i’ve had in a long time

i was living with my family again, in a huge rustic, charming cabin style house. it was night and i was sharing a room with my brother and doing homework. we were hosting a birthday party for someone the next day.
it’s the next day and i’m doing homework downstairs, and get upset that people start coming into the living room and taking up all the space and change the channel on whatever i was watching so i go upstairs. eventually i come back down because it’s a party and i want to have fun.
i go into the front sunroom and sit at a table with these teenagers, specifically a blonde girl and a girl with black hair. when the girl with black hair walks away, the blonde tells me she has a crush on her but she doesn’t think the feelings are reciprocated. eventually she walks away and the girl with black hair is back and tells me she really likes the blonde but doesn’t know if she should ask her out. i told her what the blonde girl said and she got really excited.
they bring out the cake (a “peeled”? watermelon with other fruits) and i go into the back room to sing happy birthday. it’s another sunroom but more restaurant styled with lots of tables. i sit down at a table alone and these three guys come up and sit with me. they had piercing blue eyes, very light and striking. we were talking, and i ask them what they do, and they tell me they’re spies (or something similar). i then ask them if i’m allowed to ask what the deal is with their eyes and they say no. then i ask how they became spies and they said “just do some google sleuthing, you’ll get there”.
i guess the partygoers start to leave but the spies stay (two around my age and one man about 50s). one of them gets a cut under his eye so i wipe it off and clean it for him. we go inside and at some point either him or i kissed each other but then he laughs and asks “what was that for?”. and the other younger spy was jealous.
at some point i had texted two of my exes, C and I. they both texted me back something that made me believe (lightheartedly) that i was a lucky charm - one of them had one $2000 gambling in his first play and i don’t remember what the other said.
then it morphs to me and C on the highway driving. there’s a huge line of stopped cars, lots of semis, so we stop. all of the truck drivers (all huge men) get out and are walking forward down the highway so we get out and i’m asking them what’s going on but they don’t know. soon we get to a huge crash and all the truck drivers are fighting, so the one we had been walking with tells us we should probably go somewhere else. there’s a school building off to the side of the road and we go there.
i don’t know how to explain it but it was a really weird, uncanny valley feeling to it. the lights are off or very dim. we have to get into one hallway and have to crawl on our bellies through this narrow passageway that’s probably 2’ x 1 / 1.5’ and it that point i said “what the fuck is wrong with this place” and C and the janitor standing at the other side of the passage laughed.
we get into this room, the blonde and black haired girl from earlier are with us, and there’s a photo shoot going on with a lot more equipment and cords than they should need. we have to crawl under the cords and through the legs of some stool / chair and i get stuck and it falls. i remember feeling awful but the photographer wasn’t upset.
it morphs again and it’s a school day, and i’m at the cafeteria. the two younger spies are there and the last thing i remember was the one who i had helped with his cut and kissed looking up at me and smiling.
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2021.09.26 14:27 PIGORR What it means when a strange, female cahier says «See you later» even though, that in the language used, that expression only means an later encounter that day?

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2021.09.26 14:27 Dodirty91 IT'S GAME DAY!!! RISE UP!!!!

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2021.09.26 14:27 blogoklahoma M 1.6 - 9 km ESE of Dover, Oklahoma #okearthquake

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2021.09.26 14:27 BosnaliFedai33 D

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2021.09.26 14:27 basementmatt Redditors in states where cars don't have front license plates: How do you identify the car from the ride-hailing companies when they pull up?

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2021.09.26 14:27 kibbekpopbgs 210926 Stray Kids - "DOMINO" @SBS Inkigayo

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2021.09.26 14:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - 5 killed, CPD officer, CFD paramedic among 34 others wounded in Chicago shootings since Friday evening | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.09.26 14:27 BowNonB i made a drawing of [[H]] following a tutorial i saw on tumblr, and me and my brother turned it into a reaction image (last image has heavy eyestrain so be careful)

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2021.09.26 14:27 buggaugg What if Raziel shifted one time to many and jumped to the darksiders realm.

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2021.09.26 14:27 Cloverfield887 What if a nightmare on elm street and halloween had a crossover movie called a nightmare on halloween would you watch it?.

If its going to be directed by the same director from a nightmare on elm street 2 and the director from halloween 1 halloween 2 and the halloween reboot/continuation movies and to be a better version of freddy vs jason hopefully but anyways what do yall think?.
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2021.09.26 14:27 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Ectoplasm] [Portal - Conversion Gel] [Titanium White Zomba]

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2021.09.26 14:27 random_numb 72.0969064853

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2021.09.26 14:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Woman shot while sleeping in apartment in South Shore | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.09.26 14:27 SomeGuyOnPEDs Sublingual anadrol

I’ve recently started anadrol and have been trying to use it sublingually but it takes ages and I end up just swallowing a anadrol mush on accident.
Anyone ells have this problem and will it be affecting the effectiveness of my anadrol?
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2021.09.26 14:27 TemporaryAccount-tem Plain

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2021.09.26 14:27 nddavies Please Help

This 'straight' guy I work/live with has been flirting with me for weeks. Two days ago I gave him head and he said he liked it and wants to keep going. It's been two days and he's been avoiding me and is being really distant. I want to talk to him and find out what's going on but I don't want to come on too strong and put him off. Any advice would be appreciated
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