2021.09.26 14:47 Assasinscreedsadness Hmm?

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2021.09.26 14:47 meanderingandgazing 39 [M4T] CST Zone - Single in the midwest looking for casual friendship.

Top of the morning to yah. Hopefully you don't have too bad of a hangover to shake off. What are you getting into today?
I'm in the midwest. Single. No kids. Slim and caucasian. Just got back into video games recently by buying a Switch and I'm enjoying every moment of it. You got any hobbies that you "reconnected" with after years of not dabbling? Any you want to get back into?
Platonic is cool but I'm open to more. I've had a few partners in the past who were trans and cd's(please forgive if I'm not using the correct words nowadays because I know people are so damn particular and easy to take offense but I don't mean to piss anyone off) and the connections were incredible (for me at least am I right?).
More then happy to share pictures, get to know one another, etc. Either way have a wickedly enjoyable end to your week out there.
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2021.09.26 14:47 Naked_Arsonist Map recommendations please!

Iโ€™m running the D&D 5e adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver as a solo adventure for a coworker in order to introduce him to TTRPG. His curiosity got the best of him and he looked into the adventure a littleโ€ฆ This isnโ€™t much of a problem because I am tailoring so much to accommodate a single PC, except for the fact he looked up the maps ๐Ÿคฌ I already found suitable replacements for most everything, but I canโ€™t find a good map for Cragmaw Castle; nothing I have seen so far seems to have the right feel.
So, I turn to you kind Internet strangers- got any recommendations?
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2021.09.26 14:47 Freedoomsy 4K PRAIA DA TORRE BEACH PORTUGAL ๐Ÿ–๏ธ Walking Tour Summer 2021

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2021.09.26 14:47 Caliguy18 F1TV pro subscription on IOS

Has any one else had difficulty restoring purchase on ios after purchasing pro?? I tried everything and talked to support but no surprise they were no help but still took my $80
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2021.09.26 14:47 kichifnaf Garfield

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2021.09.26 14:47 Boring_Carry9476 What song from gran turismo 4 would fit if I use to race at Nurburgring Nordschleife curcuit?

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2021.09.26 14:47 PaleontologistNo6274 PGP Hall-Bonfire/Campfire

Anyone attended the bonfire that happened in PGP hall? How was your experience like?
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2021.09.26 14:47 GloomyIntroduction20 Where can I read the raw Japanese version of the manga?

Thank you.
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2021.09.26 14:47 PhilD424 DamToken | Launching Now! | Experienced devs | Locked liquidity | Great tokenomics! |

DamToken | Launching Now! | Experienced devs | Locked liquidity | Great tokenomics! |
Processing img mufmvck6gup71...
Hi there guys ! Today I will be bringing attention to a brand new project that I have come acrross! It is called DamToken and for me it ticks all the boxes and things I look for when researching and investing into a new project!

An overview of DamToken :

๐Ÿ” Locked Liquidity :

โœ… Verified Contract, our contract is verified, this means anyone can take a read through it when they please.

๐Ÿณ Anti-Whale System, we have a anti-whale system, so only a maximum of 10T can be made per transaction.

๐Ÿช Marketing Wallet and Charity Wallet, we will have a marketing wallet and charity wallet, this wallet will gain 2 percent each per transaction that is taken place.

DamToken Tokenomics

DamToken is a hyper-deflationary token, all holders will be rewarded for holding tokens via static reflection.

So what exactly happens every time a transaction takes place? 4 percent will be sent over to our liquidity pool, growing our liquidity so that our lowest floor point will constantly keep rising. A further 4 percent is then equally split amongst all holders depending on how many tokens are being held by them.

Then a further 4 percent will go into the marketing and Charity Wallet (2% to each wallet, which will be used to market this token and the development of our application). We will also be having a anti-whale system in place so a maximum transaction of 10T tokens can only take place at a time!

DamToken Token Distribution โ™ป๏ธ

Total Tokens:


Locked Tokens:

500,000,000,000 (50%)

PancakeSwap Tokens:

480,000,000,000 (48%)

Developer Tokens:

20,000,000,000 (2%)

DamToken Links:


Lock Link :

๐Ÿฅž PancakeSwap (V2):

๐Ÿ“ˆ Chart (Bogged):
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2021.09.26 14:47 theregularwoof Who is one fictional character you relate to the most and why?

There is one fictional character that people relate to the most. Whether it be from a movie, comics, books etc. There is something in them that they see in themselves when they see that character in action. i just want to ask what character do you relate to and why? is there something deep that you see in that character? is it to do with your personal life? please feel free to comment down below! looking forward to seeing your answers! much appreciated!
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2021.09.26 14:47 galamoth911 Costarican flag ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ท

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2021.09.26 14:47 Domruck do please tell them the truth

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2021.09.26 14:47 PsychologyRough2573 Digital plattform der man kan spare penger pรฅ en felles sparekonto med venner?

Lurte pรฅ om det finnes en digital spareplattform der brukere kan spare penger pรฅ en felles sparekonto sammen med venner?
Helst en norsk / skandinavisk plattform, men nevn gjerne andre, sikre plattformer.
Tusen takk! :-)
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2021.09.26 14:47 ComplaintMysterious1 I dont know if this was done before but can you make the comment section look like his search history

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2021.09.26 14:47 OneSyrup6907 Mobility M4 for BR. Make sure to get tight ADS spread, hipfire and longshot mods and it will dominate. Dont forget to strafe alot.

Mobility M4 for BR. Make sure to get tight ADS spread, hipfire and longshot mods and it will dominate. Dont forget to strafe alot. submitted by OneSyrup6907 to CODMobile_Loadouts [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 14:47 i_Psychonautics Looney-beach, Galveston TX, link in comments

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2021.09.26 14:47 prawnbiryani ๐Ÿ’—โ˜๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿง๐Ÿค๐Ÿฆฉ

๐Ÿ’—โ˜๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿง๐Ÿค๐Ÿฆฉ submitted by prawnbiryani to 11hr11min [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 14:47 dumbass_disease Coming out to my mum (Bi or Pan (I think, 20yrs old)) She/Her

Just a warning first, to me at least, I don't think it was a great reaction, but I don't think it was too bad either. I'm not physically hurt, and I didn't get kicked out or anything so I guess I'm okay? Also, TW, I will talk about a very transphobic aunt in the story. Also for some context, I'm, asian, and I still live with my parents. Also I think some things I think might be a bit toxic to myself I don't know I'm sorry and if this post is offensive or hurtful I have no qualms about taking it down!!! Feel free to let me know :)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, me and my parents made up after 6 months of not talking to them. It's a really long story but anyway, we started talking again and this time I was sitting on the couch with my mum and we were just talking and she wanted to talk about my really (WARNING) transphobic aunt. My aunt is catholic and she just sends my mum articles about transgender people and documentaries about them making "mistakes" about gender reassignment surgeries. E.g, when someone believed that they wanted to transition to a different gender, took hormones and went for surgery before realising they actually didn't feel comfortable either. And my mum was talking about how sometimes, people weren't old enough to make that decision yet. And I was trying to explain that that was why there should be a more comforting/welcome reaction to them talking about it, and give them space to explore. I mean I don't think it's someone else's decision to say "hey you might be wrong" or "you might be confused" right? The people in the documentaries did regret it, but I thought maybe given the relatively religious context of it all, maybe what if they weren't aware of the spectrum that gender was, and that it wasn't binary. So my mum did agree with me and I thought, okay, maybe since she was quite accepting, I can come out to her. I'm old enough, I've got enough money to make sure I can stay afloat while I sort out a plan. And I thought my parents loved me enough not to kick me out because of it.
So I told my mum "hey mum, speaking of journeys of finding ourselves and trying to sort that out, I think I'm done with my journey, and I'm bisexual hahaha" (yes I did say hahaha because I was scared but also ready that if they took it wrong, I didn't want to be too emotionally invested). After I said that, I kind of couldn't stop smiling because I mean it feels good to tell someone in my family I was so scared of. And then realise that it's a part of me, even though I didn't have a whole speech planned, or make it a whole big thing. I've always been a bit more 'butch' and less gender-conforming-seeming??? Like I thought it would be pretty obvious and if someone said "oh we had a feeling/we knew" I'd be kind of relieved I guess? To me I feel like it spares me a bit of vulnerability? This is just my own preference, and if other people feel differently it's perfectly fine! I can understand why it's hurtful. Anyway it felt kind of cathartic.
Then she said that "I think your being quite narrow-minded about it. what if it changes?" and she didn't say change to straight to be very clear. After that she cited the facts that she had gay friends who had sex with a woman and realised they were straight (I really don't know about this but if they're happy with it or you've experienced it good for you!) and then she said that at the same time she's had straight friends that said that they had sex with the same sex and realised they were homosexual (again, I don't know about this and if it happened and they're happy great!). So I took it as a fair point and I just said "well I guess good for them, but considering I'm attracted to both genders, or even anything between or out of it, I think I'm kind of sure. And I spent 11years confused, so I'm pretty sure that I'm sure as hell not straight."
And then she told me that she's much older than me (she is heh) and that considering how many people she has met and have done that (a lot apparently) I can never be sure. And then I said "considering I mean I am attracted to people who are gender non-conforming, or 'girls', and I still am attracted to guys, I'm pretty sure?" then I jokingly said that "hey I mean I'm saying I'm attracted to everyone it's literally the broadest way of saying I'm not straight right hahaha" and then she said that "do you even know what attraction means? I find women pretty and I am attracted to them so does that mean I'm a bisexual???" and I was a bit shookt by that and I jokingly said "well... do you have something to tell me hahaha?" and then she told me again that I was being narrow minded and that "have you even had sex with a woman?" and I got pissed off because yes I get it I'm a virgin but damn you didn't have to call me out like that. I mEAN just because I hAveN't doesn't mean I NEVER wanted to right???
So I got a bit more serious and I told her that "I think that is one of the worst questions you can ever ask anyone when they're coming out to you" (I've been preparing for a long time and I did consider all the shitty questions that could be asked) and she just repeated her question again and I asked her "so should I fuck everyone to find out what I am???" and then she said she had to go and cook so I followed her to the kitchen and just told her that "look, all I wanted to know was if you would be okay with it because when I was a kid, you told me (when I asked her what if one of her kids were not straight) that she would send me to a counsellor because we were too young to decide" and then she proceeded to tell me that she never said that and that she in fact said "that she would be okay with it but told me that we were too young to be absolutely sure" and I was so done because how am I supposed to argue with two very different (it was very different to me) recounts of the same incident. I mean considering I was 10-11yrs old, and I was really scared asking the question but I knew I had to know (didn't know coming out was a thing then. I didn't even know that bisexuality was a thing I think I just knew that gay people and lesbians existed). And I just told her that "I'm telling you now, I know what I am, maybe the label will change, but I'm absolutely sure that I am not straight, and I'm attracted to everything (to put it simply) regardless of gender, but I'm sure." and she just kind of did that eyebrow-raise-not-looking-at-you-"whatever you say face" and said " I accept it, I'm just telling you that it can change and you're being narrow-minded" and during the convo (I think when I followed her to the kitchen and said that just now) she started laughing and I was just embarrassed. So I walked away and she said "if you want to end this conversation you stand here" but I just cut her off and said that I didn't care anymore and I didn't want to end the conversation.
I mean I felt kinda shit and cried for like 5min (not hardcore just non-stop quiet tears I guess?) I cry really easily. Like I was upset, but I think it went better than it had to go. I mean I was sad as frick but I had to go to work and I didn't want my eyes to be swollen. After that we just acted like nothing ever happened I guess. I still want to tell my dad but I'm a bit scared because my dad said (a long time ago) that if one of his kids came out it would just be "god's way of biting him in the ass". I love my dad, and he's really the person I'm closest to, and considering we just got out of a very long argument a long time ago and it lasted for 6 months, and I know life is short and I don't want either of us to die hating and angry with each other, I don't want to come out. To a certain extent I know he won't kick me out or try to kill me or something, but I don't want to change in his eyes I mean I'm still the same kid right? Like technically I always knew I was different, I've always felt love, I just didn't say anything about it, so I wouldn't be any different. But at the same time when I have a relationship with someone I'm sure is the love my life I want them to know, and I want my dad to like them as much as I do because it would kill me if they don't for the sole reason that they're non-conforming, or queer. I mean even in a straight-passing relationship, I want them to know I'm still bisexual. I don't want to make that decision to never see my parents again because of someone I found someone who loves me as a whole. But I know very well I will make the decision as much as it sucks.
Anyway, sorry for that long rant, but ultimately, I just wanted to know if it was okay? Like is this a standard coming out response that I should be used to? I mean I'm asian in an asian country, and I read about everyone else whose parents tell them that they still love them and I think it's really sweet but I don't expect my parents to say they love me (we don't do that here HAHAH), but I don't know I expected more curiosity or just to ask about me? or just ask if I was okay? even my other aunt (not the transphobic one) that was pretending to not be homophobic (she's really toxic so I left her out of my life as well) actually said "thank you for telling me and im happy you felt safe enough to tell me" (I said it as a deterrent to her after she was homophobic and insulted my family. I didn't expect that reaction if I'm being honest). Idk. I just wanted some comfort I guess? I've always felt alone because sometimes my straight friends who (I don't think are homophobic) can't relate to me. And then the few queer people I know are lesbians and it seems like they don't want to talk about it when I say I'm attracted to a guy. Like I don't say "I WANT THE D" I just kind of say yeah I have a crush on this person and he's super sweet and he's funny and I know they're lesbians, but it's just the person I liked? If I pretend it's a girl would they be fine??? Idk I feel like I'm privileged as a bisexual girl because I still have a chance to be in a straight-passing relationship (I'm sorry I don't mean that it's the only acceptable relationship) and I would be less discriminated against, and I'm cisgender, but Idk I still felt a little hurt and alone I guess. I don't know. My parents take good care of me, and I have never questioned for a moment that they love me, but I still felt like shit I guess. I just wanted to rant but I also wanted advice on what I should do. I mean the big plan is to finish university and move out and start my life somewhere else where I could love freely and just keep a long-distance relationship with my family (I think we're a distance makes the heart grow fond meet up once in a couple of years and keep up through email kind of family) but yeah. Just let me know what anyone thinks and if you could give me advice I guess? I have three more years with them and I want to survive or know if I'm being ungrateful. Thank you so much if you read until here and just let me know if I'm really being too privileged I think I seriously need to check myself sometimes too! Thank you!
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2021.09.26 14:47 heinaga1989 ๐Ÿ’šTETHERBLACK ๐Ÿ–ค The First BSC project to allow determined project owners to become a franchisees of our radical EcoSystem.


Making BSC safe once again. Investors will be able to purchase franchises from our radical ecosystem. This ensures more safer projects are running under our the Binance Smart Chain.

Every other project under the TetherBlack ecosystem will have a doxxed dev and have been vetted by us and our partners. Every contract will be made by OUR dev, so we know what the function and features are.

TetherBlack is a revolutionary bsc project run by a team of dedicated and honest individuals. At TetherBlack we strive for safety, reliability and security which we plan on bringing into the bsc space. This will be the first of many projects of our ecosystem and will be heavily funded by taxes of the other projects. Determined project owners can purchase franchises of our ecosystem with ease and in a secure way in which they will carry our name to success.

Buy tax 10%
Sell tax 12%

โœ… Ability to franchise BSC projects
โœ… Tax returns back to TetherBlack
โœ…Private Sale Completed
โœ…Doxxed Dev

๐Ÿ”— Website =
๐Ÿ”— Telegram =
Twitter :

Sweepwidget :
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2021.09.26 14:47 ElenaLazarev Please give me feedback on me singing As Long As He Needs Me fully for the first time โค๏ธ I don't warm up/Practice my voice beforehand (that annoys people ๐Ÿคฃ) - sorry for a dodgy accent

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2021.09.26 14:47 Middle-Trouble-8822 Twitch Fails #12 ( Xqc, W2S, mizkif )

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2021.09.26 14:47 masterninni What's your favorite and least favorite town?

For me the best is definitely Act 4 Highgate.
The moody lighting, lamps hanging down, a nice gentle river flowing through it. Interesting design with the round layout and the little island containing the Waypoint. Tasuni just chilling down there, meditating his life away. It's awesome.
Least favorite is Karui Shores after killing Sirus. There's like literally nothing there.
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2021.09.26 14:47 iphoneflick Adaptive Lighting = Pointless for most people.

Am I missing something here. I have many hue lights that Iโ€™ve moved over to use Adaptive lighting.
We have a dark hallway. So I like a bright white light in the morning. Moving to a warm glow in the evening.
Adaptive lighting gives me neither. Just a change from a lighter off white through to a small tint of yellow off white..
We all have coloured lights for a reason. The dynamic range of colour.
I should be able to select my colour range. As it is itโ€™s useless.
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2021.09.26 14:47 Famous-Heat2907 Help with shriveling marbled agave

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